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Spice Jelly Beans
Spice Jelly Beans

Spice Jelly Beans

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Spice Jelly Beans

These are not your ordinary jelly beans. Our jumbo spiced jelly beans feature flavors that are hard to find anywhere else.

Whether you want jelly beans for everyday snacking or to fill up an Easter basket, come to Bedford Candies. Our online candy store sells all the products you love, including classics like these jumbo gems.

Order 11 ounces of jumbo spiced jelly beans in a resealable container. They make the perfect midafternoon snack or small after-dinner dessert! Kids of all ages love them.

6 Terrific Jelly Bean Tastes

Fun snacks? Yes, please! Our six spicy jelly bean flavors will send your mouth straight into a happy smile. Check out the flavor palate behind each jelly bean color:

  • Red spicy jelly beans: What flavor could we choose for our jumbo red spiced jelly beans other than cinnamon? Enjoy a spark of cinnamon brightness with every bite.
  • White spicy jelly beans: Transport yourself to peppermint paradise with our white-colored spiced jelly beans. Freshness never tasted so good.
  • Orange spicy jelly beans: Cloves freshen the palate and satisfy the stomach, so why not nibble on some clove-flavored jelly beans from us?
  • Green spicy jelly beans: For a mint kick that’s always filled with boldness and enthusiasm, turn to our green spicy jumbo jelly beans. They’re as sassy as they are beautiful.
  • Pink spicy jelly beans: The snacking fans have spoken, and wintergreen is a winner. Indulge in wintergreen pink jelly beans as soon as your shipment arrives.
  • Black spicy jelly beans: We’ve rounded out our spiced jelly beans with a licorice-flavored candy. Rich with robust anise intensity, these are must-haves for classic licorice lovers.

Order Spiced Jelly Beans From Bedford Candies

Great treats, including jelly beans, are just a click away. Add Bedford Candies’ jelly beans to your shopping cart and have them ordered lickity-split to your home or office. These jelly beans make wonderful surprise gifts any time of year!

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