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Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.
Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.


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Oreo cookies have been enjoyed for generations. At Bedford Candies, we took this classic cookie and added our own twist to it. Because we know how delectable the flavor combination of peanut butter and chocolate is, we coated each cookie in our meltie center. The result is a treat you won't want to miss out on.
Chocolate and Peanut Butter-Covered Oreo Options
To make our chocolate and peanut butter-covered oreos, our team hand-dips each one into our homemade peanut butter meltie center. We craft this center using the finest ingredients so that you can enjoy a fresh and flavorful taste. Then, we take the cookie and dip it into our gourmet milk chocolate.
You can choose your favorite chocolate flavor and size. We have 1/2-pound and 1-pound boxes so you can enjoy as many peanut-tasting oreos as you'd like.
Treat Your Friends and Family to Meltie Oreos
If you've been invited to a special event or holiday party and are searching for the perfect treat, our meltie oreos will delight everyone on your list. All of our options are reasonably priced, so you can find something that easily fits your budget.
When you order from Bedford Candies, you'll have great customer service throughout the entire ordering process. If you'd like to include a personalized message with your order, we are more than happy to do that. Because we ship throughout the United States, you can treat someone you love or yourself to our homemade treats at any time.
Get Your Oreos Dipped in Chocolate and Peanut Butter From Bedford Candies
At Bedford Candies, we have been hand-dipping chocolates since 1929. Whether you order products in our candy stores or online, we guarantee that you'll receive quality treats made with attention to detail.
Because we use many of our classic family recipes, you won't find treats such as ours anywhere else. So, go ahead and treat yourself to some of our unique meltie oreos.