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Malt Ball Grab Bag

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With their creamy chocolate coating and crunchy center, malt balls have been a beloved candy for decades, and at Bedford Candies, we handcraft these old-fashioned treats using only the freshest and finest ingredients. With our focus on quality and attention to detail, you'll find them simply irresistible. Treat yourself or someone you love to these classic confections when you visit Bedford Candies. About Our Malt Balls Even though we've grown and expanded our gourmet treat options over the years, we still make all our treats in small batches. When we make our classic malt balls, our team starts with the malt centers. We dip each malt center by hand into creamy milk chocolate before letting the coating harden. Each package contains 16 ounces of these light and airy treats. Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Friends, Family or Co-Workers? At Bedford Candies, our malt balls are perfect for snacking on and gifting to those you love. If you have a special occasion coming up � like a birthday party, anniversary dinner, holiday get-together, or office event � your friends, family or co-workers will love receiving a delicious homemade treat. As your one-stop shop, Bedford Candies carries all kinds of sweet gifts. What's more, we also handle the wrapping, packaging and shipping of your orders. Our ordering process is quick, and we even offer you the choice of including a personalized message with your order. Just let us know what you'd like your note to say, and we'll slip it in before we ship it to any doorstep in the United States. Treat Yourself or a Special Someone to Malt Balls Are you interested in trying out our classic confections or sending them to a loved one? We invite you to stop by one of our retail locations or order from our online shop today.