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Hopper Bunny - Large

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Forget about the bunny trail � our chocolate hopper bunny is ready to leap into your homemade Easter baskets! Designed to delight all your senses, this one-of-a-kind big bunny will surely please anyone with a sweet tooth on your Easter shopping list. Order one or more of these gigantic white, milk or dark chocolate bunnies early and often. They're a bestseller among all our Bedford Candies seasonal treats! Your Choice of Chocolate for Your Hopper Bunny When you build an Easter basket with the help of Bedford Candies, you're never limited to just one type of chocolate bunny. Our super-big hopper bunny comes in three fabulous chocolate types: Milk chocolate: Creamy and indulgent, our milk chocolate starts with the finest ingredients. For nearly 100 years, we've perfected our recipe for melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate that's guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dark chocolate: Loaded with antioxidants and featuring deep cocoa overtones, dark chocolate is a favorite pick among many chocolate enthusiasts. Kids of all ages appreciate being able to nibble on a large dark chocolate hopper bunny for days after receiving their Easter treats! White chocolate: Move over milk and dark chocolate � it's time for white chocolate to take a starring role in your Easter basket. Our white chocolate promises a delightful candy-vanilla essence. Can't decide whether you want a milk, dark or white chocolate hopper bunny? No problem! Just buy one of each and round out your Easter basket with a trio of dreamy hoppi-ness! Buy Chocolate Hopper Bunnies From Bedford Candies No Easter basket would be complete without at least one chocolate bunny. Order a 10.5-ounce hopper bunny from Bedford Candies' online store right now. Be sure to check out our other spring chocolates, candies and gourmet popcorn treats, too. You might need to get a bigger basket for all your favorites!