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Fruit Jelly Beans

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Fruit Jelly Beans When you want jelly beans, go for the gusto! This 13-ounce resealable bag of delicious fruity jelly beans is perfect for any Easter basket or any time of year. Discover snacking happiness with a little help from your friends at Bedford Candies. Like all our products, these jumbo jelly beans are fresh and made from high-quality ingredients. Brighten someone’s day or indulge your sweet cravings. Buy fruit jelly beans online now. Sensational Jelly Bean Flavors Your mouth will be super thrilled when you bite into any of our fruity jelly beans. We’ve made sure each jelly bean type has its own distinctive taste: Red jelly beans: Our red jumbo jelly beans echo the strains of ripe cherries. They’re bright and happy additions to your pantry or Easter basket. Orange jelly beans: No surprise here — orange jelly beans have orange flavor overtones. Bite down and be transported to the groves. Purple jelly beans: Great grape! These purple jelly beans echo the classic fruit flavor of vine-picked grapes. They're bursting with sweetness and ready for nibbling. Yellow jelly beans: Who says lemon has to be all tartness? These lemony jumbo jelly beans bring out the sweeter, softer side of lemons. They’re like sunshine in your mouth. Green jelly beans: These beans are beautiful whether they’re in a basket or snack bag! Green jelly beans give you all the lime you can handle in a super candy. Trust Bedford Candies for Tasty Jelly Beans and More At Bedford Candies, we’ve mastered the art of candy and chocolate making. For over nine decades, we’ve used only the best ingredients to create tons of irresistible treats like these jumbo jelly beans. Why compromise when you want amazing snacks and treasures? Head to Bedford Candies for jumbo fruit-flavored jelly beans and so many other options. We’re your source for seasonal and year-round favorites.