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Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.
Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.

Fall-Fetti Gourmet Popcorn

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It's autumn, which means it's time to bring out our exclusive Fall-Fetti gourmet popcorn. This specialty product will offer a feast for your senses the moment you open your package. Smell the spicy cinnamon popcorn. Taste the buttery kettle corn. Fall-Fetti gourmet popcorn is just one more reason to get excited when the calendar rolls around to September, October and November! If you're looking for a seasonal treat that goes beyond the ordinary, trust Bedford Candies to deliver. We offer our Fall-Fetti popcorn in several sizes. Pick the one that best suits your personal or gift-giving needs. Be sure to buy right away because this product is available for a limited only! Three Terrific and Tantalizing Popcorn Flavors in One Terrific Treat We've tried to capture the essence of our Fall-Fetti gourmet popcorn with pictures, but it's hard to describe just how exceptional this feature-flavored popcorn is. The best way to explain this collection is to introduce you to the various popcorn types featured in our Fall-Fetti lineup: Cinnamon Popcorn: Heady and robust, our cinnamon popcorn carries all the hallmarks of this traditional fall spice. Banana Popcorn: Enjoy the burst of ripe banana flavor you'll get from this wonderfully unexpected popcorn. Orange Popcorn: So fruity and sweet! Orange popcorn is the flavor you've been missing all your snacking life, and you never knew it until now. What happens when sweet and spicy cinnamon, banana and orange popcorn meet? That's when you get Fall-Fetti magic! Order Fall-Fetti Gourmet Popcorn in Packages or Tins Today We've been making exceptional confections and other products at Bedford Candies since 1929. We focus our attention on making everything we sell in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Purchase premium gourmet popcorn like our imaginative and mouthwatering seasonal Fall-Fetti today!