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Cupid Trail Mix Gourmet Popcorn

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We outdid ourselves when we created this phenomenal Cupid Mix Gourmet Popcorn! In every package or tin, you'll find an assortment of flavors, from caramel and peanut gourmet popcorn to candy to salty treats. This mix is sure to win hearts on Valentine's Day. Order some Cupid Mix Gourmet Popcorn from the specialists at Bedford Candies today. And if you love unusual popcorn flavors, be sure to check out all the gourmet treats we offer online. So Many Delightful, Fun Flavors in One Mix! What would Cupid want out of a gourmet popcorn? We like to think the answer would include the following items: Sweet popcorn: We coated fluffy popcorn kernels with caramel peanut topping. You get buttery goodness out of every bite! Classic candies: Who can resist M&Ms? We can't, that's for sure. That's why we added them into this Valentine's popcorn mix. Bridge mix: This favorite candy treat is trending once again. You'll understand why when you bite into the little pieces of chocolate-coated confections. Pretzels and mixed nuts: When you have lots of sweetness, a little salt helps balance the flavor. You'll find a generous helping of crunchy mini pretzels and fresh nuts in our gourmet Cupid popcorn. Buy Valentine's Popcorn From Bedford Candies At Bedford Candies, we've built a reputation for having the most inspired seasonal candies, chocolates and popcorn gifts you can find. With our products, you can celebrate holidays in the most delicious way possible! Since 1929, we've followed a simple rule: Start with the best ingredients and make everything in small batches by hand. From the first bite of our Valentine's popcorn, you'll see why we've kept the same processes for almost 100 years. Order a package or tin of Cupid Mix Gourmet Popcorn today. We can deliver it as a surprise, too!