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Assorted Milk Chocolate Heart Box 8oz

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With artful designs and high-quality flavor, Bedford Candies' milk chocolate candy assortment remains a seasonal bestseller! Offered in a delightful heart box that's ready for giving, these assorted milk chocolates are premium and hand-dipped.

Order an eight-ounce box of decadent milk chocolates today. Every candy is unique!

Discover the Difference of Bedford Candies' Chocolate Making
"Isn't all chocolate pretty much the same?" is a question we've heard for a long time. We feel that all chocolate is different, and the best has a few key elements:
  • Quality ingredients: If you don't start with pure cream, fresh cocoa and other fine ingredients, you can't achieve mouthwatering milk chocolate with a smooth, silky texture. We're very picky about what goes into our chocolates. That's why they're in a class by themselves!
  • Trusted recipes: We use time-honored, proven chocolate recipes to ensure that every small batch of chocolates we make turns out amazing. You will receive a consistent product that's satisfying, sweet and unforgettable.
  • Loving care: Did you know that we hand dip all specialty chocolates, like the ones in this milk chocolate heart box? This process takes time but is well worth the effort. Our kitchen team cares about chocolate that looks as great as it tastes.
Ready to indulge in a world of chocolate flavor? Order an Assorted Milk Chocolate Heart Box right now for Valentine's Day.

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Look around and you'll find some of the most irresistible goodies on the planet. Some of our options are offered on a limited basis, including our Valentine's Assorted Milk Chocolate Heart Box. So be sure to grab them when they're available to put a smile on your valentine's face!