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White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn in Bedford & Altoona, PA
White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn in Bedford & Altoona, PA

White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn

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Flavor, flavor and more flavor. That's what you'll get every time you bite into our signature White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn. 

This gourmet white cheddar popcorn isn't like anything you'll find elsewhere. We start with premium popcorn and season it to bring out the full spectrum of tangy white cheddar. Your taste buds will agree that this is the best flavored popcorn you could imagine.

We offer our White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn in six convenient sizes. Our 1-gallon, 2-gallon and 3.5-gallon tins make terrific gift ideas for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.


Dip Into Tasty White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn

You'll notice a difference in all our gourmet popcorn varieties from the first nibble. We insist on using high quality ingredients, right down to the kernels we choose. 

We also merge a few unexpected tastes into our White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn. By placing our secret seasonings on top of our kettle popped popcorn, we can ensure that you'll detect just a hint of sweetness behind the stronger cheddar overtones. It's a phenomenal combination that we're proud to offer.

Are we sticklers when it comes to making sure everything we make and sell delights? Absolutely. But our pickiness ensures your snacking pleasure, time after time!

Choose Bedford Candies for Freshly Popped White Cheddar Popcorn

When you've been in the candy-making business for almost a century, you learn something about making original, delicious treats. At Bedford Candies, we've spent several generations perfecting our processes and recipes. That's why we can assure you that you'll love whatever you choose, including our various gourmet popcorn types.

Why try to satisfy your white cheddar popcorn cravings with anything less than a spectacular product? Order our mouthwatering White Cheddar Gourmet Popcorn today and make movie nights, parties or your next midnight snack a little more exciting.

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