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Popcorn Bar
Popcorn Bar

Popcorn Bar

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Our Popcorn Bar can be customized to fit your event.  Our delicious popcorn will be the center of attention at your wedding,  birthday party, anniversary party, corporate event or any special occasion.  For more information, call 814-623-1545 option 4 or contact marketing@bedfordcandies.com.

Thank you for making Bedford Candies part of your special event.

Popcorn Bar

We recommend 2 cups per guest

To calculate how much popcorn you will need:

            # of guests X 2 cups = total number of cups needed

            There are 16 cups of popcorn in 1 gallon (1 large bag)

            Divide total number of cups needed by 16 to figure out how many gallons of popcorn you will need.

             As a general rule, for 100 guests order 12 gallons, 150 guests order 18-20 gallons, 200 guests order 25 gallons.

 Pricing: Approximately $10 gallon

Popcorn Favor Bags

Favor bags are 2 cups and can be all one flavor or a variety.  The label can be customized to include a date, names or a special greeting. Cost is $2.00 per bag.  Empty bags with custom labels are available for guests to take home at $0.10 each.


Chocolates can be purchased in bulk at $22 per pound. We have 2 piece and 4 piece favor boxes, custom chocolate bars, and molded shapes. We can also make nonpareils with a limited number of colored pearls. 

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