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Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn in Bedford & Altoona, PA
Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn in Bedford & Altoona, PA

Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn

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Sometimes, you want a snack that's light and fluffy, but with a bright burst of flavor. That's when it's time to enjoy some handfuls of our Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn. 

With every bite, you'll appreciate the tangy dill pickle seasoning that surrounds our delicious kernels of perfectly puffed popcorn. Order one of our wonderful sizes right now to experience this tasty treat. 

Tickle Your Taste Buds With Dill Pickle Popcorn

Many years ago, Bedford Candies decided that being a leader in the gourmet chocolate and candy industry wasn't good enough. We wanted to add something new to our product lineup, and flavored popcorn was the perfect fit!

Like all our signature products, we take great care when crafting each small batch of our dill pickle popcorn. We start with premium-quality popcorn kernels to make sure they puff up correctly and consistently. Then, we season them by hand with a proprietary blend of dill pickle flavoring. The result is dill-icious!

Order Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn From Bedford Candies

If you love the tangy saltiness of a good dill pickle, you should try this fresh, fun flavor of popcorn. You can pick from various sizes to suit how much you want. We'll make sure you get high-quality popcorn, and we'll ship your purchase right away.

Is it getting close to a special time of year or a big occasion? Consider sending a tin of Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn or any of our other popcorn varieties to family, colleagues, neighbors or clients. Bedford Candies has a wide range of popcorns available. Plus, we continue to sell the hand-dipped chocolates and other candies that put us on the map.

Discover a different type of snacking and gifting option today. Choose mouthwatering goodness in the form of Dill Pickle Gourmet Popcorn from Bedford Candies!

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