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2 Pack Chocolate Covered Nutter Butter
2 Pack Chocolate Covered Nutter Butter

Nutter Butters (2pk)

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Leave it to Bedford Candies to make any treat a little more decadent. We've taken one of your favorite peanut cookies and surrounded it with our velvety milk chocolate. The result is a crunchy, creamy and sweet treasure that's perfect with a cup of milk or coffee!

Add a little fun to your snacking and fill your Easter basket with help from Bedford Candies. Each two-pack of chocolate-covered Nutter Butters weighs three ounces and is the perfect size for on-the-go pleasure.

A Look Back at the Nutter Butter

The Nutter Butter may be an iconic favorite that's easy to find but it wasn't invented until 40 years after the founding of Bedford Candies. The first Nutter Butters appeared on grocery shelves in 1969. In the half-century since, the Nutter Butter has sustained its popularity, especially among peanut butter enthusiasts.

At Bedford Candies, we appreciate the taste and texture of the Nutter Butter cookie. That's why we decided to make it the centerpiece of our milk-chocolate covered Nutter Butters. If a Nutter Butter without gourmet chocolate is good, a Nutter Butter coated in velvety chocolate is even better. We're sure you'll agree after the first bite!

Order Milk Chocolate-Covered Nutter Butters From Bedford Candies

When it comes to making smiles happen, Bedford Candies has you covered. From chocolates and confections to candies and gourmet popcorn, we're eager to supply you with all the tasty snacks you need. Place an order today for fast delivery! 

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