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Sometimes, the simplest sweets are the ones that stand out the most. That's certainly the case with nonpareils.

At Bedford Candies, we've elevated the nonpareil recipe with our own spin. Now, you can buy homemade nonpareils with a base of dark chocolate. Topped with a dazzling array of white candy seeds, each nonpareil will satisfy your sweet cravings.

Available in 4.75 and 9.25 ounce resealable containers. Stop online or in-person at either our Altoona or Bedford, PA, retail location to pick up some nonpareils and other chocolate and confection treats.

What Is a Chocolate Nonpareil?

Bite-sized and flavorful, chocolate nonpareils appeal to many chocolate lovers because they marry flavor and texture. Not only do you get the smooth creaminess of the chocolate, but you also enjoy a slight crunch from the candy mini-toppings.

Our nonpareils feature several different types of bases, all made from fine ingredients. The peanut butter variety is especially popular because few people have had the opportunity to try a candy nonpareil with nutty, earthy overtones.

How Are Nonpareils Traditionally Eaten?

Nonpareils can be eaten straight out of the package just like other chocolate treats. If desired, nonpareils can also be used to top ice cream or served alongside other dessert or snack nibbles, such as chocolate truffles, slices of cake or cookies.

Why Choose Bedford Candies for Exquisite Nonpareils?

Our calling card at Bedford Candies is crafting chocolates and other gourmet treats in small batches using time-honored recipes. You can trust that you're getting the authenticity you deserve when you buy any product from our online or retail stores.

Order nonpareils today for yourself or as an unexpected gift for someone special. Nonpareils make terrific holiday choices for anyone on your shopping list who has a sweet tooth and an appreciation of fine chocolates.

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