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Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.
Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.

CANDY - Jelly Beans - Cinnamon

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Cinnamon Jelly Beans Spicy jelly beans are definitely in style! Deck out your next Easter basket with some jumbo cinnamon jelly beans. They’re impossible to miss — and impossible to stop eating. Be sure to pick up enough 13-ounce resealable bag of cinnamon jelly beans to satisfy “every bunny” on your shopping list. These jelly beans are winners with both kids and kids at heart. Why Choose Jumbo Cinnamon Jelly Beans for Easter? You’ve been tasked with creating Easter baskets. Where do you start? Aside from chocolates, cinnamon jelly beans make terrific additions. Why do so many people love to include jelly beans in their Easter basket designs? Cinnamon jelly beans provide quick snacks: People can eat one or two at a time, rather than having a lot of candy in one sitting. Jelly beans add a splash of color to your Easter basket: They stand out whether you use traditional “grass” or colored paper as a liner. Cinnamon jelly beans mimic the look of birds’ eggs: That’s a nice touch, especially when you want your Easter basket to be super seasonal. Jelly beans can be great for people who don’t eat much chocolate: Make sure everyone on your Easter basket list has a treat! Bringing Easter Back in Style Have you spent a few Easters making the same old Easter baskets? Let loose this year and shop Bedford Candies for tons of Easter items. At Bedford Candies, we offer a wide variety of chocolates, gourmet popcorn and more. Browse our online store and find exactly what you want to perk up this year’s Easter baskets. Cinnamon jelly beans are a great start, of course! Buy a bag of jumbo cinnamon jelly beans for you and your family today. And even if it’s not Easter, you can always pick up this perennially favorite treat that’s packaged in a convenient, resealable container.