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Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.
Fundraise a new way with Candy Bars. 3 Flavors to choose from. It is quick & easy. Learn more here.

Dog Treats - Yogurt Covered Small (2pk)

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Who says you need large treats for big results? Little dogs know that being petite has its advantages, and these small, yogurt-covered treats from Bedford Candies prove that tiny can be tasty. Why coat a superior dog treat with wholesome ingredients in a yogurt shell? Pooches love this combination. They appreciate the smooth outside texture, followed by the satisfying crunch. Every two-pack of yogurt-covered dog treats you buy has an airtight seal so you can open it, put the leftovers in your pantry or take your treats on the go. Make your pup's tail wag in delight when you offer one of these irresistible treasures today. Trust Bedford Candies for Superior Dog Treats When you're looking for homemade dog treats, Bedford Candies is your source for high-quality snacks with the best flavors and ingredients. Our brand has been synonymous with exceptional candies for almost a century. Now, we've extended our lineup to offer gifts for your pets, too, and we're getting plenty of "paws-up" reviews from our furry patrons. What can you expect when you order small yogurt-covered dog treats from us? Unsurpassed quality: We leave nothing to chance when we make our products. You can feel confident in what you give your pet because we start with fresh ingredients and use small-batch processing every step of the way. Handmade attention: Our crew likes to monitor what happens in our kitchen. It's this attention to detail that keeps customers coming back to our retail stores and website for tasty treasures for themselves, their loved ones and their pets. Time-trusted recipes: Do you have a picky pup? Before we unveiled our yogurt-covered dog treats, we had some four-legged pet food critics test them to make sure our offerings appeal to many pooches' palates. Order a supply of small dog treats coated in a yogurt shell today. These crunchy, wholesome snacks make terrific gifts for all the pet parents in your life, too!