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6 Pack Seasonal Chocolate Covered Oreos
6 Pack Seasonal Chocolate Covered Oreos

Valentine's Day Oreos - 6 Pack

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We admit that it can be hard to beat a classic Oreo cookie. But we think you'll agree that these chocolate-covered Oreos transform your favorite cookie in the most delicious way possible.

Meet our Holiday Oreos. We smother them in our gourmet milk chocolate and then decorate them with seasonal sprinkles. Each six-pack is suited for immediate gifting! 

Order these treasures as soon as they're available. They sell out quickly!

Show Your Love this Holiday With Chocolate-Covered Oreos

What do you get the chocolate lover who has tried almost every confection on the planet? Six chocolate-covered Holiday Oreos, of course!

This exclusive item from Bedford Candies is the perfect product to have on hand so you can:

  • Nibble your way to happiness after a hard day of shopping. (These go well with coffee, tea or milk!)
  • Entertain guests who visit during the busy holiday season.
  • Surprise neighbors, coworkers and loved ones with an unexpected gift.
  • Add rich chocolate treats to your homemade gift baskets and larger stockings.

Every pack of chocolate-coated Oreos starts with the traditional cookies you've known and adored for years. After they've been given a chocolate bath, we dress them up with sweet, colorful sprinkles. Kids and adults alike can't resist these gems!

Almost a Century of Creating Exceptional Chocolates and More

After Bedford Candies opened its doors in 1929, our company quickly became known for making some of the best candies and chocolates. Over time, we've introduced many products into our assortment of goodies, including gourmet popcorn and hard-to-find confections you may remember from your childhood.

We invite you to check out our full store today. You're sure to find inspiration for your upcoming gift-giving. Don't forget to pick up something for yourself, too.

Buy a six-pack of Oreos smothered in rich, velvety milk chocolate now!

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