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Vanilla Truffle
Vanilla Truffle


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Chocolate lovers can't resist our creamy, rich vanilla truffles. Whether you choose melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate or deep dark chocolate, you will enjoy these gems.

Buy our handmade signature vanilla today! We offer several package sizes, including 15-count, 32-count, two-pound and three-pound options. 

Indulge in Vanilla Truffles From Bedford Candies

Chocolate truffles have a long history of being a luxurious indulgence. They were once considered an out-of-reach pleasure for the average person. Not anymore, though! Now, you can have some vanilla truffles every day thanks to Bedford Candies.

What does it take to create one of our mouthwatering truffles? Time, patience and a proven process. Every vanilla truffle we make starts with fresh, wholesome ingredients. We carefully source all the items we use to make our chocolate truffles to ensure you always get the quality you deserve.

After forming each satisfying, vanilla-infused-center confection, we hand-dip the centers in milk or dark chocolate. To maintain the strictest control, we insist on candy-making in small batches. You'll never get a mass-produced, all-machine-made truffle from our kitchens.

The result is a vanilla truffle you'll be happy to eat, serve and give. 

Buy Vanilla Truffles and Other Delights

When you're looking for candies you can't find anywhere else, trust Bedford Candies to offer great choices. From vanilla truffles to other gourmet chocolates, candies and popcorn, you can always find something sweet or savory at our online store.

Looking for something unique to give this holiday season? Need a special birthday pick-me-up or extraordinary wedding favor? Bedford Candies has the tasty delights you've been craving.

Check back often at Bedford Candies to see what's new in our lineup! If you're reordering vanilla truffles, feel free to leave a review. We love getting feedback on all our unmatched products.

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