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Pomegranate Truffle
Pomegranate Truffle


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Pomegranate Truffle

Our chocolate-enveloped pomegranate truffles are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat!

Each chocolate truffle features a bright-pink center bursting with a fresh, smooth flavor that pops with just a hint of pomegranate's signature tartness. When paired with the dark chocolate of the outer shell, the richness and character of the creamy pomegranate-infused core springs to life.

Order a box of 15 or 32 pomegranate truffles today from Bedford Candies. They're tasty, just the right size for a quick pick-me-up and perfect for nibbling.

What Makes a Chocolate Truffle Unique?

Like bonbons, chocolate truffles have become mainstay treats across the globe.

Traditionally filled with a luscious ganache center which is then dusted with cocoa or drenched in chocolate, truffles are truly an affordable indulgence as a dessert or for snacking. They also make terrific gifts for chocolate lovers.

Why Buy Pomegranate Truffles Made by Hand?

At Bedford Candies, we make all of our chocolate truffles in small batches in our kitchen. In fact, we hand-dip every pomegranate truffle we sell to ensure it meets our high standards.

Unlike a machine-created truffle, a pomegranate truffle is truly a one-of-a-kind work of edible art!

Why Choose Bedford Candies for Pomegranate Truffles?

For more than eight decades, our third-generation, family-owned company has focused on bringing you the best chocolates, candies, popcorn and other gourmet products you can't find anywhere else. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or just want to restock your pantry, you can trust us to bring you the quality and taste you deserve.

Order pomegranate truffles and other fun and satisfying finds from our website today. If your order exceeds $50, we'll ship it for only $5! And if you're in the Altoona or Bedford, PA, area, stop by our retail stores to discover novel chocolates and confections created using time-tested recipes.

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