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Mint Truffle
Mint Truffle


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Mint Truffle

What do you get when you mix a creamy mint confection with rich dark chocolate? At Bedford Candies, the answer is simple — a mint truffle that's out-of-this-world!

We lovingly shape and hand-dip every chocolate and mint truffle we make to ensure our treats are one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Discover what true indulgence tastes like! Nibble on a mouthwatering mint truffle when you get the urge for a gourmet treat.

What Exactly Is a Sweet Truffle?

Sweet, chocolate truffles enjoy a legacy that's a bit of a mystery. The most commonly shared origin story suggests that truffles were invented thanks to a happy accident when a candy maker inadvertently mixed heavy cream and chocolate morsels. The rest is history.

Classic truffles consist of two components. The first is a creamy core, which can be made of chocolate or, in the case of this decadent product, a mint confection. The second part of the truffle is a coating made from melted chocolate or sweetened cocoa powder.

Though truffles share a name and shape with a mushroom, they are distinctive confections that promise deliciousness from the first to last bite.

What Makes a Mint Chocolate Truffle Stand Out?

Mint and chocolate remain two of the most popular candy flavor matches. We've combined both in our mint truffle with dark chocolate coating, and we're certain you'll appreciate the result.

You'll love how refreshingly rich your chocolate truffles are. Buy a box of 15 or 32 mint truffles for yourself or a special someone today!

Why Choose Bedford Candies for Mint Truffles?

Since 1929, we've built our reputation on crafting high-quality chocolates, popcorn and other confections. We specialize in making all candies in small batches to ensure you always get an extraordinary product.

Order mint truffles and other tempting treats online. We'll ship your order anywhere for $5 when you spend $50 or more.

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