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Chocolate Truffle-Dark
Chocolate Truffle-Dark


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Chocolate Truffle-Dark

Bedford Candies dark chocolate truffles are the ultimate in chocolate indulgence. Chocolate truffles are already considered to be one of the most decadent and luxurious chocolate treats, with their rich ganache center, exterior coating that creates a creamy and silken texture and rich chocolate flavor.

At Bedford Candies, we want to make sure our dark chocolate truffles exceed every expectation. That’s why our dark chocolate truffles have a silken chocolate center and a smooth gourmet chocolate coating. Each one is wrapped in silver or green foil, and they come in 15-count and 32-count boxes.

Why Bedford Candies Dark Chocolate Truffles Are the Perfect Gift

Bedford Candies dark chocolate truffles are a smooth chocolate treat with a luxurious feel. Beautifully wrapped in foil, they make a lovely presentation. When a simpler box of chocolates isn’t quite what you need, our truffles will elevate your gift-giving experience. We can ship your chocolate truffles anywhere in the United States and we can wrap them and even include a special message from you.

Of course, you may want to order dark chocolate truffles for yourself. They’re the perfect affordable luxury when you want to treat yourself. Celebrate yourself and entice your palate with our chocolate.

For Quality Dark Chocolate Truffles, Choose Bedford Candies

Bedford Candies is a family-owned and family-operated business that offers something for everyone. Whether you love salty or sweet treats, we have you covered. No matter your age, budget or tastes, we have innovative, high-quality treats to delight your taste buds. Our high-quality gourmet treats offer old-fashioned goodness at competitive prices, and our friendly customer service makes you feel like a valued customer every time. There’s just no better way to buy delicious snacks.

When quality counts and you want truly exceptional dark chocolate truffles, order from Bedford Candies.

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