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Coffee Truffle
Coffee Truffle


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Chocolate truffles are always the perfect choice for a delightfully indulgent confection. At Bedford Candies, we use the freshest and finest ingredients to make our coffee truffles. 

Whether you want to treat yourself or someone you love, you can feel confident that these fancy treats will taste as good as they look. 

Coffee Truffle Options

To make our coffee truffles, we create the creamy, coffee-flavored chocolate centers first and dip each truffle into deliciously smooth dark chocolate by hand. Once finished, we drizzle the batch with white chocolate for an eye-catching and mouthwatering finish.

How many of these fancy, bite-sized treats do you want to splurge on? You can choose from our 15- or 32-truffle options.

Looking for the Perfect Gift for an Upcoming Event or Special Occasion?

Truffles have always been a classic gift, especially for special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day celebrations. Regardless of the event, your friends, family, and co-workers will love to receive coffee truffles as gifts or party favors.

At Bedford Candies, we want to make the entire gift-giving process easier for you. That motivation is why we also handle your wrapping, packaging and shipping. We ship to any location in the United States, offering you the ability to treat anyone you know to a homemade treat. 

Do you want to add a personal touch to your order? Our team welcomes you to write a special message, and we'll pass it along with your truffles. 

Order Your Gourmet, Hand-Dipped Treats Today

Here at Bedford Candies, you can find hand-dipped chocolates for yourself or someone you love. Count on us to have the perfect addition for any special occasion or event in one of our retail locations or online shop. 

Whether you order online or stop by for some samples, treat yourself to our gourmet treats — like our coffee truffles — today. 

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