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Caramel Truffle
Caramel Truffle


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Caramel Truffle

One bite of a caramel truffle will transport you to chocolate heaven! Our caramel truffles feature a rich, smooth ganache center with a robust flavor. Surrounding the center is a shell of either milk or dark chocolate topped by a drizzle of white candy coating. What could be more indulgent or decadent?

Order a box of 15 or 32 caramel truffles online today.

How Is a Chocolate Truffle Made?

Chocolate truffles are thought to have been invented sometime during the 1800s. Originally made from purely chocolate and heavy cream with few other ingredients, truffles now come in a variety of flavors and textures.

The recipe for our caramel truffles has been passed down through the ages and retains a sense of old-fashioned charm and goodness. Each truffle we make is hand-coated and homemade. Our goal isn't to mass-produce chocolates and other confections, but rather to produce high-quality products in small batches.

Why Purchase Caramel Truffles?

Caramel truffles and other types of truffles exude luxury. They're delicious to the core, of course. But they're also beautiful thanks to their attractive shape and finishing touches.

Feel free to buy caramel truffles for yourself, or send them as a surprise gift for a special occasion. We're happy to ship your caramel truffles anywhere you like. Just let us know and we'll do the gifting for you!

Why Choose Bedford Candies for Chocolate Truffles?

A truffle from Bedford Candies isn't just another piece of candy. It's an artistic creation. Like everything we sell, we insist that our truffles are fresh and satisfying. We're sticklers when it comes to chocolate and candy making, and you can taste how much care we put into our work.

Pick up a box or two of chocolate-dipped caramel truffles now. If your order exceeds $50, you'll receive shipping for only $5.

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