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Banana Truffle
Banana Truffle


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For decades, chocolate-covered bananas have been a classic confection loved by children and adults alike. If you're one of the many people who love this perfect flavor pairing, you'll enjoy a similar treat with an elegant twist. Try our luscious banana truffles. 

These bite-sized candies are irresistible treats that will satisfy your cravings.

Banana Truffle Options 

Depending on how many banana truffles you want to indulge in, you'll have the option of choosing from our 15- or 32-count sizes. These truffles have a creamy banana center that makes them a genuine delight. Once the centers are complete, we hand dip each of them into the chocolate and sprinkle each truffle with nuts for an aesthetically pleasing and delicious finish. 

Treat Someone You Love to Banana Truffles 

Here at Bedford Candies, our banana truffles are a great way to treat yourself. You'll also find that they make the perfect gift for all kinds of special occasions. Whether you're preparing for a baby shower, birthday party, graduation celebration or office event, you can show someone how much you care with homemade truffles. 

As your one-stop shop, we do more than just provide you with mouthwatering candies — we also offer wrapping and shipping services to take care of all your needs. Since we are handling most of the gift-giving process for you, we offer you the option of customizing your gift with a personalized message. 

Stop by One of Our Shops or Order Your Truffles Online Today 

Since 1929, our family-owned and operated business has been crafting and hand dipping an array of homemade treats. For the perfect addition to any occasion, we invite you to stop by one of our retail locations or order our banana truffles online today. We guarantee that you can only find treats like ours at Bedford Candies. 

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