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Assorted Truffle Box
Assorted Truffle Box

Assorted Truffle Box - 9 Piece

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This nine-piece box of handmade truffles is exquisite on all levels and guaranteed to please your eye and sweet tooth. Each truffle starts with a soft, creamy center that we lovingly hand-dip in our gourmet milk, dark or white chocolate. We add embellishments like drizzles and dusting to create true masterpieces.

When you want to make a splash with your next Valentine's Day, holiday or special occasion gift, trust our gourmet truffle box to do the trick. Order your box of nine beautiful assorted truffles today.

What Makes Bedford Candies' Truffles Extra Special? 

At Bedford Candies, we craft candies and chocolates that look as good as they taste. Our attention to detail ensures that you or your special someone will fall head over heels for these assorted truffles. Our focus includes:

  • Quality ingredients: We insist on the freshest ingredients for all our chocolates. We're picky to ensure you get an amazing product!
  • Small batch process: Our team makes every chocolate by hand in small batches. This allows us to have higher control over the process.
  • Time-honored recipes: Our go-to truffle recipes have been time-honored and taste-tested for years. 

Purchase an Assorted Truffles Box Online for Fast Delivery

Want to make someone smile from ear to ear? Send them an unexpected gourmet truffle box from Bedford Candies. We're happy to ship our nine-piece truffle assortment to your loved one, friend or client!

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