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32 Ct Assorted Truffle Gift Box
32 Ct Assorted Truffle Gift Box


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32-Ct Assorted Truffle Gift Box

What chocolate truffle mood are you in? No matter which direction your cravings lean, you'll find the right truffle to satisfy your sweet tooth in our generously sized 32-ct assorted truffle gift box.

This box is bursting with a wide selection of some of our best-selling hand-coated truffles. Made in small batches from the finest ingredients, Bedford Candies' chocolate truffles showcase the best of the best. As gourmet chocolate makers, we elevate the art of crafting treats and nibbles that are second-to-none.

Order a box of 32 assorted truffles today online or pick one up at our Altoona or Bedford, PA, retail locations.

How Are Chocolate Truffles Made?

You've probably seen chocolate truffles before because they're a popular type of dessert and candy. Composed of a creamy center surrounded by a chocolate shell or dusting of cocoa powder, chocolate truffles remain a mainstay for gift-giving and snacking.

To enhance our truffle recipes, we often add drizzles and other special touches. Your taste buds will agree that the results are nothing short of decadent!

Why Buy Assorted Truffles?

Every box of assorted truffles is uniquely arranged and provides you with a one-of-a-kind collection of our gourmet truffles. However, you can be sure that every truffle we sell is hand-dipped and lovingly made from time-tested recipes.

When you want to send a big box of chocolates to a friend, loved one or business client, trust our truffles to make an impressive impression.

Why Choose Bedford Candies for Assorted Chocolate Truffles?

Bedford Candies has provided customers with fine chocolates, confections and more since 1929. We concentrate on creating items you can't find anywhere else, thanks to our distinctive methods of candy and chocolate making. We also offer upscale popcorn tins featuring unique flavors.

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