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Sugar-Free Raisins

The toothsome chew and sweetened flavor of sugar-free chocolate-covered raisins make them a favorite of kids and adults alike. And when they're doused in a mouth-watering coating of sugar-free chocolate, they're all the more impressive!

Sugar-Free Chocolate-Covered Raisins Are Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you want to mix them with almonds and peanuts to create your own unique trail mix or wrap them in personalized gift boxes to send to a friend, family member or co-worker, sugar-free chocolate-covered raisins are a go-to treat for a range of occasions and events. They also make a scrumptious table snack selection for anyone on a weight loss diet, medically necessary sugar-free nutrition regimen or weight-conscious snack plan.

At Bedford Candies, we offer customized gift setsgourmet chocolate gift boxes and chocolate snack packsShip your favorite treats anywhere in the U.S. for the ultimate stress-free gift-giving experience.

A Family-Owned Business With a Commitment to Quality

Since Bedford Candies was founded more than 90 years ago, we've been delivering our classic handmade recipes to customers throughout Bedford and Altoona, Pennsylvania. With an emphasis on small batches, our team still crafts hand-dipped gourmet chocolates with keen attention to detail and quality.

Since we've expanded to a virtual store as well, our team has been able to satisfy customers all across the United States with the finest chocolates and sugar-free treats. Choose from a fantastic selection of gourmet popcorn, nostalgic candies, homemade fudge, chocolate truffles and other indulgences in-store or online.

Browse Sugar-Free Chocolate Delectables at Bedford Candies

The sugar-free delicacies at Bedford Candies include everything from peanut and cashew clusters to almonds, melties, pretzels and raisins. Our sugar-free chocolate-covered raisins are handmade with only the finest ingredients. Place your order online and get ready to taste the best sugar-conscious snack you've ever encountered.

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