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Sour Piglet Gummies
Sour Piglet Gummies

Sour Piglet Gummies

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Get ready to squeal with delight when you bite into these sour pink pig gummy candies. They look almost too good to eat, but they taste just as great as you would imagine. They're everything you could want from a sour-coated gummy. 

Buy a small or large resealable container of Sour Piglet Gummies today. You can even send a container of these gummy piglets to a friend or family member as a tasty surprise.

Munch on Sour Gummy Piglets

Do you crave sour gummy candies? You're going to want to try these little piggies!  Offering just the right gummy texture, they're dusted with a sweet and sour sugar topping. Your taste buds will go hog wild every time you dive into these oh-so-cute pink candies.

Of course, you don't have to wait until snack time to indulge on these sour gummy piglets. Many people like to use these candies to decorate their baked goods. These mini piggies look lovely on top of thickly iced cupcakes and cakes, as well as iced brownie bars and cookies. Get creative and have fun with your Sour Piglet Gummies! 

Buy Gummy Pink Pigs and More Candy From Bedford Candies

For nearly a century, we've enjoyed bringing the best candies, chocolates and other fine gourmet products to kids and adults alike at Bedford Candies. Today, everything we sell online meets or exceeds our discerning standards. We are notorious sticklers for quality, so you can always be sure that you're purchasing the very best sweet and savory treats you can find.

In addition to our Sour Gummy Piglets, we sell lots of other candy products, so feel free to browse a little. You'll be amazed at how expansive our gummy selection is, allowing you to find the candies you want at great prices.

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