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Chocolate Covered Jumbo Salted Cashew Cluster Snack Pack
Chocolate Covered Jumbo Salted Cashew Cluster Snack Pack

Chocolate Covered Sea Salted Cashews - 4oz Pack

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Indulging in our snack pack delights nut and chocolate lovers alike. Whether you treat yourself to these chocolate-coated cashews during the afternoon or savor the rich flavors after dinner, you'll find that these homemade treats are the perfect snack for any occasion.

About Our Salted Cashew Snack Pack

We use jumbo cashews, which are almost twice the size of regular cashews, for maximum flavor and crunch. Sweet and salty cashews make up this snack sized container. Salty roasted jumbo cashews dipped in our gourmet milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt. The salt is the perfect finishing touch to bring out the treat's other flavors. Packed in a 4 ounce box. 

Give the Gift of Homemade, Hand-Dipped Chocolates 

At Bedford Candies, we ship our homemade treats to any location in the United States. If you need gifts for a birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary dinner or office event, we can ship our gourmet goods right to you. 

We want the gift-giving process to be as easy as possible for you. As your one-stop shop for all kinds of special events, we offer an extensive range of sweets. What's more, we can also wrap your treats and include personalized messages with your order. 

Try Our Salted Cashew Chocolates Today

Since 1929, our team has crafted homemade treats using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Whether you want to treat yourself or supply your entire office with our jumbo salted cashew snack packs, you can find snacks for every budget at Bedford Candies.  

To shop our sweets, stop by one of our retail locations or order online today. 

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