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Chocolate Covered 12 Flavor Gummi Bears
Chocolate Covered 12 Flavor Gummi Bears

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears

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That's the only thing better than fresh, fruity gummies? At Bedford Candies, we upcycle classic gummy bears by dipping them in chocolate. Our homemade chocolate gummy bears are a hit with children and adults alike. 

About Our Chocolate-Covered Gummy Bears 

To make these adorable, bite-sized treats, we take 12 flavors of gummy bears and hand dip each one into our gourmet milk chocolate. When you bite into these candies, you'll enjoy the smooth, decadent chocolate followed by the chewy, bright flavors from the gummies. 

We then package them into a 3.6-ounce resealable, stay-fresh container to lock in all the delicious flavors.

Looking for the Perfect Gift for Your Friends, Family or Coworkers?

Regardless of the occasion, chocolate-covered gummy bears make the perfect gift. From wedding showers to office holiday parties, everyone on your list will love receiving a homemade treat made with the finest ingredients. 

Along with providing you plenty of mouthwatering sweets and gifts, Bedford Candies also offers wrapping and shipping services to make the entire gift-giving process easy. Do you want to personalize your gift? We'll be more than happy to include a custom message in your order.

We can ship to any location in the United States, offering you the ability to show someone you care with gourmet goods — no matter the distance or budget.

Treat Yourself or Someone You Love to Chocolate Gummy Bears 

Here at Bedford Candies, we've been making hand-dipped, homemade treats since we first opened our doors in 1929. Even though we've grown over the years, we continue to make our candies, like our chocolate-covered gummy bears, in small batches to monitor the taste and quality.  

We invite you to either stop by one of our retail locations or shop online today to try our chocolate gummies for yourself.

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