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3 Piece Caramel With Sea Salt Chocolates
3 Piece Caramel With Sea Salt Chocolates


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Chocolate coated caramels remain a favorite among candy lovers. We’ve taken this classic confection and dressed it up with a sprinkle of sea salt. You’ve never tasted true indulgence until you’ve bitten into these rich, chewy treasures. 

Order a three-pack of sea salt caramels covered in chocolate from our Bedford Candies online store. We can ship them to you or send them to someone you care about as a special surprise. Everyone loves getting caramels with sea salt for a luxurious snack or after-dinner dessert.

Why All the Excitement About Chocolates and Sea Salt?

You’ve probably noticed the trend of mixing milk chocolate and sea salt. Though it might seem like a perplexing combination, chocolate and salt complement each other perfectly. 

What makes sea salt the right partner for our gourmet chocolate and gooey caramel? The salty flavor brings out the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel. With each bite, you can taste more of the deep chocolate and caramel flavors, heightening your overall experience. No wonder our sea salt caramels smothered in chocolate practically fly off the shelves!

Try Our Exclusive Sea Salt and Chocolate Caramels Today

When we opened our doors in 1929, we pledged to use only the best ingredients to make chocolates, confections and snacks. Now, nearly 100 years later, we stand by our philosophy of making everything we sell in small batches to ensure unparalleled quality.

As you try more of our Bedford Candies specialties like sea salt caramels covered in chocolate, you’ll taste the difference. No matter the time of year, you can always find plenty of treats available to ship to your home right away. Plus, you can easily send goodies to the people on your gift list. 

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