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Peppermint Sticks

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It�s hard to imagine a candy as connected to the winter holiday season as peppermint sticks � and at Bedford Candies, you can enjoy them all year long. As soon as you see the classic red and white stripes, you know you�re in for a fresh, flavorful treat. Grab a 5-ounce package of high-quality peppermint sticks for yourself or a loved one today when you place your order at Bedford Candies. Enjoy Peppermint Sticks in Many Ways On their own, peppermint sticks make wonderful last-minute gifts for kids. You can also attach them to bigger gifts, like boxes of handmade truffles, as add-ons. And although there�s nothing wrong with just munching on some fat-free peppermint sticks right out of the bag, you can use these delights in tons of other ways. For instance, some people like to stir their peppermint sticks into cups of hot cocoa. As the candy starts to melt, it sends a peppermint flavor throughout the warm chocolate. This flavor adds to the overall coziness and tastiness of the cold-weather drink, making it perfect for winter evenings. Others use peppermint sticks as candy decorations on cakes and cupcakes. Peppermint sticks can be finely or coarsely crushed and sprinkled over anything, including an ice cream sundae or a bowl of vanilla pudding. And who could forget gingerbread houses? A gingerbread house deserves at least a few peppermint sticks to spruce it up and add character. Buy Peppermint Sticks From Bedford Candies At Bedford Candies, we take chocolates and confections seriously. That�s why we only make and sell the finest products on the market. You can be sure that these peppermint sticks will have the true flavor and freshness you expect. Order one or several packages of peppermint sticks in a resealable container today! Shop online or visit us at one of our retail stores.