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Holiday Oreos - 3 Pack

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What would the most festive holidays be without some special nibbles and gourmet treats? Meet our trio of Holiday Oreos. These magical little treasures are sure to transform the way you feel about your favorite creme-filled cookies! These three chocolate-covered Oreos start just like the regular Oreos you know. However, they end up being some of the best-tasting items in your pantry or snack drawer. To create these delectable treats, we lovingly bathe Oreos in our exclusive milk chocolate. Then, we add the best part: Some seasonal sprinkles. Our three chocolate-covered Holiday Oreos are destined to become your grab-and-go choices in November and December! Order as many three-packs of our bestselling Holiday Oreos as you need. They go fast and are only available at the end of each year. Serve Holiday Oreos Anytime The holidays mean lots of entertaining, shopping and visiting. Be sure you have enough packages on hand of our premium chocolate-coated Oreos from Bedford Candies to: Satisfy your dessert cravings at the end of the day, paired with some tea, coffee or milk. Give away as stocking stuffers or add to gift baskets. Stash in your purse or bag as a little on-the-go luxury. Present to guests as party favors. If you love the taste of regular Oreos, you'll appreciate these beautiful sweets inspired by the chocolate-vanilla cookies! Buy Chocolate-Covered Holiday Oreos From Bedford Candies At Bedford Candies, we love any excuse to enjoy unexpectedly mouthwatering goodies like chocolate-covered Oreos. We've spent nearly a century in the business of making homemade tidbits that you'll want to eat and give. What makes our products so different from the rest? We start with the best ingredients and make everything in small batches. You'll taste our attention to detail in every bite! Place your order today for a three-pack of Holiday Oreos, just in time for all your upcoming events.