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Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twists
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twists

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Twists

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Pretzel Twists 

If you've been dreaming about indulging in something sweet and salty, pretzel twists from Bedford Candies will satisfy your craving. You'll find that these treats taste just as good as they look. 

Choose Your Ideal Gourmet Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Option

At Bedford Candies, we take whole pretzels and hand-dip them into rich and creamy chocolate. Dipping each pretzel by hand allows us to monitor the freshness and quality of our sweet treats.

Our chocolate-covered pretzels come in both milk and dark chocolate so you can enjoy your favorite flavor. If you are having trouble making up your mind, we also offer an assortment pack filled with milk, dark and white chocolate-covered pretzels so you can sample all of the flavors.

Depending on how many pretzel twists you'd like to munch on, we have gift boxes with either 12 or 24 pretzels. 

Gourmet Dipped Pretzels Make the Perfect Gift for All Occasions

Your friends, family and co-workers will also love indulging in our gourmet dipped pretzel options. Regardless of the special occasion, these treats make the perfect gift. From baby showers to corporate gatherings, we will help you deliver an unforgettable gift or party favor for your loved ones.

Once you place your order, the team at Bedford Candies will handle the rest of the gift-giving process for you. So, enjoy stress-free gifting while we take care of everything from the wrapping to the shipping. We can even include a personalized message with your order if you'd like to add a custom touch.

Get Your Twist Chocolate-Covered Pretzels From Bedford Candies Today

Regardless of whether you order from our retail locations or our online shop, we guarantee that our treats will be both flavorful and fresh. We place a high emphasis on attention to detail and quality so that you can sink your teeth into a simply unforgettable treat. 

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