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Reindeer Trail Mix Gourmet Popcorn
Reindeer Trail Mix Gourmet Popcorn

Reindeer Trail Mix Gourmet Popcorn

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Santa's reindeer and helpers agree that this Christmas popcorn takes seasonal snacking to new heights!

Our Reindeer Mix popcorn features tons of flavors, starting with sweet caramel popcorn, moving to rich peanuts and other nuts, and ending with chocolate bridge mix. You can't find a more satisfying gourmet popcorn this side of the North Pole!

Buy Christmas Reindeer Mix Popcorn today as a snack or present. You can choose from six sizes, including decorative tins that are ready for gifting.

A Blend of Flavors in Every Bite

We like to use our imaginations when we invent new treats like this Christmas popcorn. So we asked ourselves, "What type of popcorn mix would Santa want to snack on during his long flight?" We think you'll love the results:

  • Classic caramel and peanut gourmet popcorn: Each small batch of popcorn we make starts with the fluffiest kernels. For this Reindeer Mix, we've drizzled the popcorn with sweet caramel and peanuts. Magnificence!
  • M&Ms: Who could resist these classic candy-coated chocolate candies, especially when they're part of this gourmet specialty popcorn? M&Ms add a burst of color and sweetness to the mix.
  • Mini pretzels: To balance the sweetness, we included salty, crunchy pretzel bites. 
  • Chocolate bridge mix: Bridge mix never goes out of style, especially during the holidays! Now, you can nibble on some bridge mix as part of your gourmet popcorn feasting.
  • Mixed nuts: Make winter come alive with the fresh taste of plump mixed nuts.

Order Reindeer Mix Gourmet Popcorn From Bedford Candies

You have lots of choices when it comes to buying treats for the holidays. Be sure to add Bedford Candies' gourmet popcorn to the list. 

Like our handmade chocolates and other goodies, our bestselling Reindeer Mix Gourmet Popcorn is designed to satisfy. Buy a package or tin today!

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