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Rainbow Charms Gourmet Popcorn in Bedford & Altoona, PA
Rainbow Charms Gourmet Popcorn in Bedford & Altoona, PA

Lucky Rainbow Charms Gourmet Popcorn

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Bring some color to your favorite snack with our rainbow charms gourmet popcorn. Our homemade sweet and salty kettle corn is a unique mix, consisting of rainbow charm marshmallows and a gourmet white chocolate drizzle. The smell alone is divine, and the crunchy sweetness will pop in your mouth. The marshmallows add a textural element, too, taking your snacking session to the next level.

Perfect for a picnic in the park or an outdoor movie night with friends, you won't be able to get enough of our freshly-popped gourmet treats. If you know someone that loves popcorn, you can even send them some as a gift. Send your favorite college student a 9-cup bag as a study snack or gift your boss's family a 3-gallon tin. We have a range of sizes for our popcorn, making it a budget-friendly option for anyone.

If you decide to order our rainbow charms popcorn as a gift, Bedford Candies also offers wrapping services. You can even attach a personalized note. When you complete your order, experience fantastic customer service. We will assist you in any way we can, from the start of the order to the delivery.

Bedford Candies has worked to produce delicious sweets for almost 100 years. Today, we carry on the determination and detail of our founders. Our family-owned business makes our sweets and snacks in small batches to ensure the quality and taste our customers have come to expect. We also make sure you are satisfied with your purchase, be it in our store locations or online.

Don't just buy any snack when you crave something sweet. Let Bedford Candies show you how homemade snacks should taste. Share your treat with friends, or keep it to yourself! Whatever you do with it, make sure you grab some of our rainbow charms gourmet popcorn before it's gone.

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