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Peeps Popcorn
Peeps Popcorn

Peeps Gourmet Popcorn

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What's one candy everyone thinks of at springtime? Peeps, of course! These sugar-coated marshmallow treats seem to be everywhere, but you can only find our signature Peeps gourmet popcorn at Bedford Candies.

We've combined everything you love about popcorn and Peeps in this fantastic, fun and fresh product. Enjoy fluffy kernels coated in a colorful, sweet, crunchy vanilla-marshmallow flavor. This Peeps popcorn offers a rainbow of snacking pleasure, available online seasonally.

Pick up a small, medium or large package of Peeps popcorn now. Or, buy a bigger popcorn tin to have on hand or give to someone special around the spring holidays. No doubt about it — Peeps popcorn is a winner!

A Brief History of the Peeps Flavor

At Bedford Candies, we're always looking for new flavors for our gourmet popcorn. That's why we were so eager to create a popcorn bursting with the taste of Peeps candy. But how did that candy flavor become so popular?

According to candy-making lore, the first Peeps chick was made available sometime in the middle of the 20th century. Originally, each Peep was made by hand during an exhaustive process. Over time, the process was automated to get more Peeps to candy fans faster.

Today, we're thrilled to add to the Peeps legacy with our bestselling Peeps popcorn flavor. If you're feeling especially creative or want an easy activity to share with your kids, you can always make homemade popcorn balls from our Peeps gourmet popcorn kernels.

Purchase Some Peeps Popcorn From Bedford Candies

It's time to add another dimension to your Peeps snacking. Purchase a package or tin of Peeps popcorn from Bedford Candies now. 

Looking for other Easter or spring treasures? Check out our full lineup of chocolates, candies and gourmet popcorn varieties available online now!

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