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Pecan Nougat Egg
Pecan Nougat Egg

Pecan Nougat Egg

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Have you been searching for one-of-a-kind, delicious Easter basket treats? Discover our pecan nougat egg!

Each pecan nougat egg center is dipped in rich, creamy caramel and then rolled in pecan pieces. Choose from two sizes to fit your Easter bunny needs. Smaller eggs range from 5-6 ounces and the larger eggs range from 9.5-10.5 ounces.

Because this item is a seasonal favorite, it tends to fly off the shelves quickly. Be sure to order enough pecan nougat eggs for all your bunnies, and grab a couple for yourself!

What Is Nougat?

If you've tried our nougat-filled Easter egg with pecans before, you already know that it tastes amazing. Have you ever wondered what nougat is?

Nougat is a broad term for a confection with a sweet base that may or may not have additions like nuts or dried fruits. Generally speaking, nougat tends to be creamy or fairly soft.

Though you could try your hand at making nougat at home, we've made it easier for you to enjoy nougat by producing it in small batches in our Bedford Candies kitchen. Like all our products, our pecan nougat Easter eggs are handcrafted and utterly irresistible.

Bring Your Easter Basket to Life With Bedford Candies

Springtime and Easter baskets go hand in hand. At Bedford Candies, we can supply you with all the candies, chocolates and other treats you need for an Easter basket of any size. Pick up your Easter treats online from us today!

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