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Chocolate Covered Pecan Clusters
Chocolate Covered Pecan Clusters


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At Bedford Candies, we have been hand-dipping chocolates since 1929. In our shop and online, we carry a lineup of chocolate clusters that we make using a variety of different nuts. Our decadent chocolate-covered pecan feature plump pecan half-piece, and we create these treats in small batches so we can ensure the highest quality. 

Chocolate-Covered Pecan Options

At Bedford Candies, you can choose the type of chocolate you want us to dip your pecans in. We offer: 

  • Milk chocolate-covered pecans
  • Dark chocolate-covered pecans 

We also have a variety of sizes available such as:

  • 1/2-pound
  • 1 pound
  • 2 pounds 
  • 3 pounds

Treat Your Loved Ones to Chocolate Covered Pecans

If you are looking for a gift idea for a birthday, graduation, anniversary or any other special event, our pecan clusters make the perfect present. With our different size options for both our milk and dark chocolate varieties, you'll find something for everyone and every budget on our site. 

At Bedford Candies, we ship throughout the United States, allowing you to gift anyone with a homemade treat. When you place your order, let us know if you'd like to include a note inside for a personalized touch. We'd be more than happy to include that before we ship your sweets.

Why Choose Hand-Dipped Nut Clusters From Bedford Candies? 

We look forward to sharing our classic family recipes with you. These recipes have remained in our family for three generations, and we continue to use them daily.

Whether you want the perfect treat for a special occasion gift or just want to treat yourself, you'll be delighted by our fresh and flavorful candies and chocolates that you can't find anywhere else. 

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