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Pink Nonpareils
Pink Nonpareils

Pink Nonpareils

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At Bedford Candies, we recognize Breast Cancer Awareness month in unique ways. That's why our October lineup includes these inclusive pink nonpareils.

Made from your choice of either milk or dark chocolate and topped with bright pink candy seeds, these candies are as eye-catching as they are delicious.

If you're looking for snacks that make a bold statement, order a five-ounce, resealable package of pink nonpareils. Remember that these limited edition nonpareils are perfect for seasonal gift-giving or favors at Breast Cancer Awareness events.

The History of the Nonpareil

Traditionally, nonpareils featured white or multicolored candy seeds instead of the pink ones that we use for our pink chocolate nonpareils. Where and how did this favorite candy type get its start? 

Despite their French name, the roots of the nonpareil seem to go back to 18th century America. However, historians are unsure who first created this confection. All we know is that it quickly rose in popularity. When partnered with rich, creamy chocolate, the nonpareil took off as an unsurpassed snacking pleasure. These bite-sized desserts are perfect for various occasions.

Of course, you can use pink nonpareils for topping baked goods, not just popping in your mouth for a fast pick-me-up. Many bakers like to use pink nonpareils to edge cakes and iced cookie bars. You can even break up pink nonpareils and add them to ice cream.

Pink Nonpareil Candies and So Much More From Bedford Candies

Since the early 1900s, Bedford Candies produced the finest gourmet chocolates, candies and other treats. We lovingly make all our exclusive goodies by hand, including our pink nonpareils.

Enjoy candies made in small batches with old-fashioned techniques by people who care. Order one or more containers of pink nonpariels to have on hand this October. Be sure to check out our other great items, too!

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