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Mini Fruit Jelly Beans
Mini Fruit Jelly Beans

Mini Fruit Jelly Beans

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Don't be fooled by the size of these Easter-time treats. Our mini assorted jelly beans are compact and filled with sweet, fruity flavor! Plus, they're super eye-catching, making them a favorite for any Easter basket.

We've made it easy to have enough mini jelly beans on hand this spring with our resealable 11-ounce container. Be sure to order enough to keep plenty of this bestseller around.

Jelly Beans — A Look at the Candy-Making History Books

If you like to know more about the origins of your go-to candies, you'll be fascinated by the history of the humble jelly bean. Though a very basic version of the jelly bean existed during the middle of the 1800s, the jelly bean as we know it came to the public's eye in the 1930s. That's when people of all ages began to associate jelly beans with Easter.

Today, you have many options when it comes to jelly beans. However, nothing can match the taste or texture of a mini fruit jelly bean. Because these jelly beans are especially tiny, you get a nice balance of chewiness and the crunchy outer shell. They're bite-size and fun for all!

Buy Mini Fruit Jelly Beans From Bedford Candies

Since 1929, our candy makers at Bedford Candies have built a reputation for providing outstanding treats for kids of all ages. Why not make this year's Easter basket the most delicious and eye-catching yet? Browse our online store for candies including assorted fruit jelly beans!

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