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Peanut Butter Meltie Gift Box
Peanut Butter Meltie Gift Box

Peanut Butter Melties - 9 Piece Box

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For generations, peanut butter and chocolate fans have adored our special melties. If you love the taste of creamy peanut butter and velvety gourmet milk chocolate, you'll appreciate getting or giving a nine-piece box of these tasty gems.

Order one or more peanut butter meltie boxes today. They're suitable for gift-giving at holidays and always make a great — and tasty — impression!

A Rich Heritage of Making Gourmet Chocolate by Hand

It can be hard to find a company that still makes chocolates by hand. You can be sure that all the treats you purchase from Bedford Candies are handmade and hand-dipped. That's why every peanut butter chocolate meltie tastes so unbelievably indulgent.

How else do we give our gourmet chocolates extra care that you can see and taste? We follow a traditional method:

  • We make everything in small batches to give our chocolates the attention they deserve.
  • We start with fresh, wholesome ingredients so our chocolate and peanut butter taste fresh and amazing.
  • We use time-honored recipes that produce consistent, mouthwatering results.

Order a Peanut Butter Meltie Chocolate Gift Box and More From Bedford Candies

When you want the best chocolates, candies, confections and gourmet popcorn, trust Bedford Candies.

For almost 100 years, Bedford Candies has offered affordable, tasty treats. After adding a nine-piece gourmet peanut butter meltie chocolate box to your shopping cart, check out all the other wonderful options available at our online candy shop.

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