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Chocolate Covered Peaches in Bedford & Altoona, PA
Chocolate Covered Peaches in Bedford & Altoona, PA


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What could be more tempting than biting into a piece of gourmet milk chocolate from Bedford Candies? How about indulging in a few of our Milk Chocolate Covered Peaches?

These aren't peach candies, either. These are real peach slices, freshly prepared with a light glaze before being smothered in a velvety, rich chocolate coating. They're perfect for an after-dinner dessert or a midday snack with coffee or tea.

Order a half-pound or pound of chocolate-coated peaches from our online store now. We'll ship them immediately so you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind treat sooner!

Satisfying Your Sweet Cravings With Fruit and Chocolate 

We've been able to take the age-old concept of covering fruit with homemade chocolate to new heights with our Milk Chocolate Covered Peaches.

This bestselling item starts with the finest peaches. We make sure that the fruit we source lives up to our high standards. We carefully slice and prepare each piece. When it's time to cover the peach slices, we do everything by hand in small batches. This allows us to keep the quality consistent. 

If you've never tried a peach slice coated in milk chocolate, we encourage you to place an order. You can't imagine how beautifully peach and milk chocolate go together until you've had one of these gems.

Buy Milk Chocolate Covered Peaches From Bedford Candies

When Bedford Candies first opened its doors in the early 20th century, we focused on making incredible chocolates and candies. Fast forward nearly 100 years and we're still on the same mission.

We see our job as bringing tasty delights to you, your family and the people who are important in your life. Pick up some of our Milk Chocolate Covered Peaches today. Be sure to check out all the other spectacular chocolate, candy and popcorn items we sell, too!

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