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Cordial Cherry Milk and Dark Chocolate Gift Box
Cordial Cherry Milk and Dark Chocolate Gift Box

Cordial Cherry Milk and Dark Chocolate Gift Box

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Cordial Cherry Milk and Dark Chocolate Gift Box

Do you want to put a smile on someone's face? Give them a box of our luscious, mouthwatering chocolate-covered cherries.

This classic gift became one of our bestsellers because we thought of everything when making it. These treats start with a big maraschino cherry swimming in a sweet liquid center. To keep all the goodness inside, we surround the cherry with creamy milk or dark chocolate.

Order a signature box of assorted cordial chocolate cherries today. They're great for family, friends, party hosts, colleagues and clients. No one can resist these classic gems.

A Taste of Affordable Luxury: Milk and Dark Chocolate Cherries

As Bedford Candies closes in on a century of candy and chocolate making, we often say that although the world's changed, we've stayed the same. In fact, our old-fashioned processes have stood the test of time. That's one reason we've earned a reputation for excellence.

What are some of the unique philosophies that have set us apart for decades?

  • We insist on quality ingredients: When we source the ingredients that go into our products, we look for the finest items instead of the cheapest. You can taste the difference.
  • We make everything in small batches: Could we run our processes a little faster and create big orders every time? Maybe. Still, small batches provide us with more control, which improves your experience.
  • We hand dip our chocolates: When we say our chocolates are handmade, we mean it. Your chocolate-covered cherries get the authentic, hands-on treatment by our team of chocolate-making experts.

Take a trip down a delectable memory lane. When you order from us, you can kick back with a box of our signature milk and dark chocolate cherries made using time-honored recipes and methods. These chocolates pair beautifully with coffee, milk or an after-dinner beverage. 

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