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Chocolate Rabbit-Medium Sitting
Chocolate Rabbit-Medium Sitting

Rabbit - Medium Sitting

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Rabbit-Medium Sitting

A chocolate Easter bunny is the most iconic treat of the Easter season, and Bedford Candies has you covered with a luxurious and gourmet chocolate bunny that’s as delicious as it is stunning. Our medium chocolate Easter bunny is sitting, ready to hop right into your Easter basket.

Our medium chocolate Easter bunny is solid chocolate and is available in our gourmet dark, white or milk chocolate. At 3 inches wide and 5 inches tall, this bunny is about 6 ounces, making it the right size for Easter baskets, Easter table settings or just for enjoying.

Get Your Easter Bunny From Bedford Candies

Whether you want an Easter chocolate bunny all to yourself or want to give someone a special Easter gift, Bedford Candies is the right choice. We’ve been an American favorite since 1929, when we opened our shop in historic downtown Bedford. Since then, we’ve expanded to include an online store, and we’ve become part of the Easter tradition for American families from coast to coast.

We still hand dip chocolates and use traditional family recipes for many chocolates and other confections. We use small batch production and only the finest ingredients. Our Easter bunny is beautifully crafted with exquisite fur and face details, and our high-quality chocolate is luxurious and silky smooth — a perfect blend of real chocolate flavor and sweetness. 

Your Easter bunny should do more than look good in a basket. It should taste amazing, too. A medium chocolate Easter bunny from Bedford Candies excels in both features. Our chocolate bunnies look amazing, and since they are also crafted from gourmet, decadent chocolate, you never sacrifice taste for novelty. Our Easter bunnies are only available during the Easter season, though, so be sure to grab some, or you’ll need to wait another year! 

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