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Raspberry Cream Chocolate in Bedford & Altoona, PA
Raspberry Cream Chocolate in Bedford & Altoona, PA


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Raspberry Cream

Chocolate lovers will find our raspberry cream candies impossible to resist as the delicate fruity center complements the rich chocolaty flavor perfectly. Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for a special someone or want to splurge on something sweet, these elegant candies will not disappoint. 

The Process of Making Raspberry Cream-Filled Chocolate

Inside of each raspberry cream-filled chocolate is our homemade fondant center. We infuse this delicate pink fondant with raspberry flavoring and then hand-dip it in chocolate. We offer both milk as well as dark chocolate so you can indulge in your favorite flavor. 

They come in 1/2-pound and 1-pound sizes, providing you with plenty of chocolates to enjoy and share with others.

Give Raspberry Cream Chocolates to Someone Special 

Whether you have been invited to a baby shower or a corporate gathering, Bedford Candies has the perfect gifts for everyone on your list. Our prices are reasonable, so you can stay within budget while treating friends, family or co-workers to delicious sweets such as our raspberry cream chocolates. 

We want to make the gift-giving process simple and stress-free, so after you place your order, we will handle the rest. We can wrap your gift, add a personalized note and ship it anywhere in the United States.

Try Chocolate and Raspberry Cream Candy From Bedford Candies Today

In 1929, Bedford Candies first started hand-dipping chocolates and selling them in our candy shop. Over the years, our store and product offerings have grown. However, we are proud to say that our family values and dedication to producing quality treats remain. 

When you purchase candies from one of our retail stores or our online shop, you will receive a fresh and flavorful sweet treat. We look forward to being your source of candies for all kinds of special occasions. 

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