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Butter Cream Chocolate
Butter Cream Chocolate


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Butter Creams

If you're searching for a flavorful sweet treat that will simply melt in your mouth, look no further than our buttercream chocolates. Since 1929, we have been crafting chocolates from scratch using some of our classic family recipes. You won't find flavors such as ours anywhere else.

Buttercream-Filled Chocolate Choices

To make our buttercream-filled chocolates, we start with the freshest and finest ingredients to create the fondant base. This creamy center is then hand-dipped with either milk or dark chocolate. 

These luscious chocolates come in a 1/2-pound or 1-pound box — enough for you to splurge on or share with friends and family.

Give a Friend Our Chocolate and Buttercream Candy

You can add a sweet touch to any special event with chocolate and buttercream candies from Bedford Candies. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or holiday, our sweet treats make the perfect gift. 

We want the gift-giving process to be just as enjoyable for you as it is for your recipient. That's why we wrap and ship all of our treats throughout the United States. Even though we handle the shipping, you can still add a custom touch to your candy order. Just let us know if you'd like to include a personalized message and we would be more than happy to place that inside your box. 

Buy Buttercream Chocolates From Bedford Candies

Bedford Candies takes great pride in delivering quality buttercream chocolates both in-store and on online. Regardless of where you order them from, we guarantee that our candies will be fresh and flavorful. 

Our family-owned business looks forward to providing you with a wide selection of treats for every occasion. Order buttercreams today to indulge! 

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