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Caramel With Sea Salt Gourmet Chocolates
Caramel With Sea Salt Gourmet Chocolates


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When you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, nothing beats the classic combination of caramel and chocolate. The rich, buttery caramel seamlessly melds with creamy chocolate to create a treat that is hard to resist. 

Our Caramel Chocolate Options 

Here at Bedford Candies, we make our caramel chocolates in small batches to carefully monitor the quality and flavor. We make the caramel centers from scratch using fresh dairy cream. Once the caramel is ready, we then hand dip each center into creamy chocolate. Choose from milk chocolate if you are craving something smooth and sweet or dark chocolate if you prefer a bolder taste. Both chocolate varieties have a dash of sea salt on top to help bring all the flavors together. 

With 1/2 pound and 1 pound sizes to choose from, you'll have enough chocolates to treat yourself and share with loved ones. 

Treat Your Friends, Family and Co-Workers to Gourmet Caramel Chocolates 

At Bedford Candies, no matter the special occasion, we have a sweet treat for everyone and every budget. Whether it's at a bridal shower, anniversary or birthday party, your loved ones with be thrilled to receive gourmet caramel chocolates. 

We can ship our homemade treats anywhere in the United States. To make things even easier, we can also wrap and package the chocolates for you and include a personalized note with your order. You can trust our team to handle all aspects of the gift-giving process — from start to finish.

Stop by Our Shop or Order Your Caramel Chocolates Online Today 

For a treat that simply melts in your mouth, stop by one of our retail locations or order your caramel chocolates from our online shop today. We look forward to sharing some of our classic family recipes with you. 

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