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Peanut Butter Meltie Pretzels
Peanut Butter Meltie Pretzels

Peanut Butter Meltie Pretzels

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Meltie Pretzel Gift Box 

Ever since Bedford Candies was founded back in 1929, we have been delighting our customers with our hand-dipped chocolates. Over the years, we have expanded our offerings to include treats such as our peanut butter and chocolate-dipped pretzels. This pretzel flavor, which we call meltie, comes packaged in a 8.5 ounce gift box, making it perfect for gifting to friends and family. 

Treat Your Friends and Family to Chocolate and Peanut Butter Covered Pretzels 

Whether you're going to a graduation, anniversary, baby shower or business event, our meltie pretzels are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our reasonably priced eight-count box can easily fit in any budget. 

Since meltie pretzels already come in a gift box, you won't need to worry about wrapping it up for your recipient. To make your gift more personal, we can add a message with your order. Best of all, we ship throughout the United States, allowing you to give everyone on your list our delectable chocolate and peanut butter covered pretzels. 

Of course, our meltie pretzels are also perfect for those times you want to treat yourself. Maybe you just accomplished something big or are celebrating a milestone — you deserve something sweet. Just place your order, and we'll ship it right to your doorstep as soon as possible. 

Enjoy Pretzels and Peanut Butter Dipped in Chocolate From Bedford Candies 

Even though our candy shop has grown over the years, we still continue to dip all of our chocolate treats by hand in small batches. This ensures that we can carefully monitor each batch to ensure we only offer the highest quality goods, both in-store and online. 

Order today and experience our classic family recipes that you won't find anywhere else. 

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