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Peanut Butter Melties Heart Box 8oz

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Does your sweetheart find the taste of peanut butter and chocolate irresistible? Offer an unforgettable and delicious Valentine's Day surprise this year with our eight-ounce peanut butter and chocolate heart box!

Inside, your special someone will receive 12 beautiful, hand-crafted chocolates. We've taken care to lovingly wrap our signature milk chocolate around a peanut butter meltie center. This treat is proof of love at first bite!

Our chocolate and peanut butter heart gift is only available seasonally. Be sure to pick one up right away. (And feel free to get one for yourself, too!)

What Can You Expect From Gourmet Milk Chocolate?

We often talk about the fact that Bedford Candies has made gourmet chocolate for almost 100 years. What makes a chocolate "gourmet," though?

Gourmet chocolates tend to have higher quality ingredients than other products. For instance, we carefully source all items that go into our milk chocolate. That's why it comes out creamy, smooth and delicious every time.

Another hallmark of gourmet chocolates is that they're made in smaller batches by hand. At Bedford Candies, we still hand-dip all our chocolates, just like we did when we started our company in 1929. We kept this system because it produces consistently amazing results.

When you're looking for gourmet chocolate gifts for Valentine's Day, you can trust Bedford Candies to bring you premium items like our Peanut Butter Meltie Heart Box. 

Buy Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Melties for Your Valentine

Need a gift to celebrate February 14 in style? Pick up at least one box of peanut butter and chocolate confections in a decorative heart box. We'd be happy to send your eight-ounce box as a surprise, too. Just let us know where to deliver this heart when you go through our fast checkout process. Feel free to browse our website for other delicious treats, as well!

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