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Strawberries & Cream Gummies
Strawberries & Cream Gummies

Strawberries & Cream Gummies

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If you've been looking for a decidedly different type of candy to round out your snacking adventures, meet our Strawberries & Cream Gummies. They're one part gummy and one part heavenly treat.

Juicy, chewy and delicious, these strawberry cream gummies promise sensationally fresh flavors in every bite. Indulge your sweet tooth, whether it's a holiday or any day. Order Strawberries & Cream Gummies in a small or large resealable container. We'll ship them right away so you can snack sooner.

Grab a Handful of Bright Strawberries & Cream Gummy Candies

Remember what it was like when you were a kid arriving at the candy store or going home after a hard day at school? You couldn't wait to try all the candies you could get your hands on, including gummies. That's why, at Bedford Candies, we make sure to offer a wide range of gummy varieties to remind you of that feeling.

No one's quite sure when the first gummy candy was invented, but that's okay! We're just happy that someone discovered a fantastic way to use all-natural sweeteners to make a treat that always produces smiles. 

When you want to switch up your snacking and try something new, add strawberry gummies to the mix. You can also use these gummies as fun toppings on all your creative baked goods, such as iced cupcakes and brownie bars.

Trust Bedford Candies for Strawberry Gummies and More

When you want candies that satisfy, head to our online candy palace. For almost 100 years, Bedford Candies has been making and selling sweet and savory treats beyond compare. 

Order some delicious Strawberries & Cream Gummies right now for a tasty treat. Also, don't forget to take a peek at the range of candies, hand-dipped chocolates, gourmet popcorn and other delights we have available.

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